Credit Card Guide

  • How to Use
  • Statement / Payment
  • Lost / Stolen Card
  • Updating Your Information

Temporary Block

A 24-hour temporary block is available when you have misplaced your card. Please contact the Premio Card emergency line ((1-800-322-6260) to request/remove a block. After requesting a temporary block, please be sure to contact us within 24 hours to remove the block or request a replacement card. Please understand that we are unable to process the block removal or replacement card requests by authorized card users for security purposes.


Replacement Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, please have the primary cardholder contact the Premio Card emergency line (1-800-322-6260) immediately. A customer service representative will cancel your card and issue a replacement card.

Emergency Line
(Open 24hours)
From outside of U.S 1-949-437-9684
 Please call collect.